Hotel La Tour: Shiny Milton Keynes hotel is ‘blinding’

Shiny milton Keyness hotel

A shiny new hotel is ‘blinding’ drivers on the morning commute from “a mile away”, it has been claimed.

Amanda Owen is among other Milton Keynes locals suffering the sun’s glare off the new Hotel La Tour on Marlborough Gate, with some comparing it to 20 Fenchurch Street, aka ‘The Walkie-Talkie’, in London.

Ms Owen claimed sunlight reflected off the hotel could be seen as far as near Neath Hill, adding she thinks designers failed to consider “the potential effects that a giant mirror could have”.

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She took to social media to ask others if they had also been “blinded”, which she experiences on the morning commute.

She said some suggested an anti-glare solution, adding: “Apparently, it was done in London on The Walkie-Talkie.”

A spokesman for Hotel La Tour said the design is “quite different” from The Walkie-Talkie, but added it will “always consider” local feedback and will be “looking into the t3 dosage bodybuilding comments further”.

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“Anybody else being blinded by the new hotel in the mornings, between Neath Hill and Linford Wood?” asked Ms Owen online.

“Don’t think the architects took into consideration the potential effects that a giant mirror could have a mile away.

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